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TKU Foreign Students Financial Aid

Level of study
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Award Amount: NTD 10,000 /month
Others: Up to 3 months

1. Application Eligibility: (1) Foreign students with formal application and enrollment of TKU, and in accordance with the Ministry of Education "International students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan". (2) Those who already received Taiwan Government Scholarships, TKU Entrance Scholarships and The Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship and Financial Aid Scholarship are not qualified to apply. (3) For freshman that do not have any score record need to submit Chinese or English proficiency certificate and other documents. Those who already completed at least one semester in TKU, scored 80 points or more in the current semester for Conduct, must be of good behavior, does not have any bad records and who satisfied the following criteria: a. Undergraduate students must take at least 6 credits per semester, with an average academic grade of 70 or above for the current semester and keep a clean behavioral record. b. Graduate students must take at least 4 credits per semester, with an average academic grade of 80 or above for the previous semester. From their sixth and fourth years of study respectively, Ph.D. candidates and graduate students will not be eligible to apply for this scholarship. c. Graduate students who are working on their master or doctoral dissertations and are unable to provide an academic record for the previous semester should submit recommendation letters from their advisors Student Scholars of the departments or graduate institutes at which they are enrolled, as well as a dissertation plan. This should include your research motivation, research structure, sources of research materials, research outline, research references, and etc. Graduate students who are working on their dissertations without taking at least 4 credits can only apply for the scholarship twice. 2.Funding:Each student will receive NT $10,000 per month, up to three months. 3. Application Process: (1) Students should download the scholarship application forms from the website of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICSA). (2) All scholarship applications and their supporting documents will be evaluated by the Oversea scholarship Raeview Committee. More scholarship detail please visit: https://tinyurl.com/yyk4zuqz (1)Entrance Scholarships for Outstanding International Students (2)​Entrance Scholarships for Students from Malaysia (3)​Scholarship for Outstanding Master’s and Doctoral International Students (4)Entrance Scholarships for Students from Thailand (5)Entrance Scholarships for Students from Hong Kong (6)Entrance Scholarships for Students from Macau (7)Taiwan-Thailand 600 Elite Scholarship ​ (8)Vest 500 Project ​ (9)Southern Sunshine Scholarship ​ (10)Indonesia - Taiwan DIKTI3+1 Scholarship ​ (11)Beasiswa Pemerintah Scholarship ​


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