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International Student Scholarship

Level of study
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Journalism and communications related, Management and administration, Electrical and electronic engineering, Foreign language and literature studies
Others: International students are eligible to apply
Others: Scholarship Awards a. The scholarship fund for International students each academic semester equals to half of the total budget amount of ”Scholarships for International Students” from the MOE per academic year. b. The individual qualified applicants will be awarded per semester with the amount of adding up the following two items: (1) Half of the total amount of the scholarship per semester will be equally divided by the number of qualified applicants and then awarded to the individual applicants. (2) In order to encourage outstanding students, the other half of the total amount of the scholarship will be distributed by weights allocation, to qualified applicants based on the academic grades ranged from the highest to the lowest. c. Regarding Article b. (2), the amount of scholarship awarded is based on the applicant's academic grades ranged from the highest to the lowest. In case of identical academic grade, the applicants will be prioritized by conduct grades and following that the number of credits earned.
One semester

International students who meet the conditions below will be eligible to apply for a MCU Scholarship for International Students. The amount awarded to an individual student is subject to change based on total number of applicants.


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