National University of Kaohsiung

National University of Kaohsiung Foreign Students Scholarships

Level of study
Bachelor / Master / Doctoral
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Tuition reduced
Miscellaneous reduced
Accommodation offers
Others: Undergraduate program: maximum 4 years.b. Ma

1. NUK offers students full/partial tuition and miscellaneous scholarships.

2. Duration of the scholarships: 1 year.

3. A student who needs to continue the scholarships, he/ she needs to apply again in the second academic year.

4. Application conditions:
(1) Students must be officially admitted to NUK

(2) Students must apply to the admission application.

(3) Language requirements:
Applying as an international student of bachelor and master program students (except IMBA and ASM full English program) are required to pass the Chinese placement test at NUK’s Language Center before the enrollment; or spend more than 360 hours of Chinese learning at NUK‘s Language Center; or spend more than 720 hours of Chinese learning at other languages center.


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