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Chung Hua University Scholarship Program for Foreign Students

Level of study
Field of study
Physical sciences, chemistry and earth sciences not elsewhere classified, Journalism and communications related, Dentistry, Social and behavioral sciences not elsewhere classified, Sociology and related disciplines, Social work, Accounting and taxation, Management and administration, Law, Mechanical engineering , Electrical and electronic engineering, Foreign language and literature studies, Fashion, interior and industrial design, Art, Physics, Architecture and urban planning, Psychology
Chinese proficiency: TOCEL level 2 ;
English proficiency:
Others: TOEIC 550
Tuition reduced
Miscellaneous reduced
Others: Undergraduate: 4 years; Master: 2 years; PhD:

1. Chung Hua University (CHU) scholarship program is to encourage qualified foreign students who want to pursue their degrees or Mandarin Language Program at CHU. Details of information and application procedures are as follows. 2. The above-mentioned foreign students refer to those degree-seeking foreign students at undergraduate or postgraduate program, who have a good academic record and moral character. They should neither be Overseas Chinese Students nor Taiwan nationals. 3. The foreign students' scholarship quotas will be discussed and decided by the Office of International Programs and are contingent upon the annual budget allotments. Duration of Scholarship: (1) Undergraduate Program: maximum of 4 years. (2) Master Program: maximum of 2 years. (3) Ph.D. Program: maximum of 4 years. (4) Mandarin Language Program: maximum of 1 year. 4. Types of Scholarship: CHU grants the CHU Scholarship recipients the same amount of the students’ tuition fees for degree programs. 5. The condition of the CHU Scholarship: (1) The recipients must pay the tuition fee for the mandarin program which is NT$30,000; unless CHU Scholarship recipients already pass the TOCFL level 3. (2) The recipients’ average grade must be the top 3 in the class. Moreover, the recipients must pass the TOCFL level 3. If the recipients reach either one requirement, the students only need to pay for the tuition fee for the mandarin program. If the recipients don’t reach the above requirements, the students have to pay for the tuition fee for the degree program. (3) The applicants who have received any Taiwan Scholarship will only be covered by the difference in tuition fees by Chung Hua University. (4) The qualification of recipients will be canceled if a student is suspended from or drops out of school. (5) The recipient shall be disqualified and asked to return the scholarship money already received if the information and documents that the recipients provided to CHU is incorrect. 6. Application Requirements: Applicants must submit the Scholarship Application Form along with the Admission Application Form and following required documents simultaneously to the Office of International Programs at CHU. Required Documents (one copy of each): (1) Completed CHU Scholarship Application Form. (2) Curriculum Vitae. (3) Two Reference Letters. (4) Proof of Highest Educational Qualifications and Whole-Period of Academic Records with Notarized and Certified English Translation. (5) Health Certificate (including HIV and lung X-ray Tests). 7. Application Reviewing Procedure: (1) After receiving an Admission Letter from Chung Hua University, the scholarship application will later be reviewed by the Offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and International Programs. The final decision of qualified candidates and the scholarship will be announced by the university according to the budget of each academic year. Note that candidates will be disqualified if they fail to register for that academic year. (2) At each new academic year, the qualification of the recipients will be reevaluated by the related Offices and must be in accordance with the followings: A. The recipients must complete the registration procedures of the new academic year. B. The recipients’ average grade must be the top 3 in the class. C. The recipients must pass the TOCFL level 3.


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