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I-Shou University

I-Shou University

International Student Scholarship

Level of study
BA / MS / PhD
Field of study
No limit
No limit
Depending on the applicant's documents
Others: The scholarship amount for new international students (hereinafter referred to as “the new student”) ranges between NT$40,000 and NT$180,000 per person. The scholarship amount will be equally divided by two and awarded in two separate semesters after being approved by the Scholarship Committee for International Students (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”). For continuing international students (hereinafter referred to as “the continuing student;” excluding those granted or continuing to receive the scholarship for new students), the minimum scholarship amount is NT$10,000 per person, up to an amount equal to the sum of the tuition and other required fees payable. The scholarship amount will be awarded in the semester of approval after being approved by the Committee.
One year

The purpose of the I-Shou University (ISU) for International Student Scholarship is to encourage and 2 subsidize international students to apply for admission to I-Shou University. ISU offers variety of scholarships for students in order to help them fulfill their educational dreams.


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