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I-Shou University

I-Shou University

Department of International Finance (IF)

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The financial industries need more talent . In particular ,they need people with both data analysis capability and financial proficiency .Beyond the financial sector ,business in other industries continue to struggle with hiring talented analysts capable of analyzing their corporate data for insights. Our program equips graduates with a firm grasp of quantitative analyzing, finance and business strategy. Graduates from our department not only have the opportunity to contribute their talent in financial industries, the demand from other industries appears infinite.

Program Features and Structure: our program begins with a broad foundation to the study of a range of business disciplines,including financial accounting, management, business law, economics, and business computing.The following courses allow students to develop specialist knowledge in finance and accounting theory and practice by building on their first year studies. They will learn finance management principle and financial analysis skills in sophomore year, and acquire investment portfolio construction and programming techniques to implement financial models in junior year. Students, end with a capstone class in which they apply various aspects of knowledge to conduct research projects in senior year. analysis skills in sophomore year .


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