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Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (ITCSL)

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The Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (ITCSL) program at National Taipei University offers a Bachelor Program in Innovative Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, suitable for students who are just starting to learn Chinese, as well as advanced learners. For beginners, the program includes courses that help students develop their Chinese language skills. For advanced learners, the ITCSL program is equivalent to the "Department of Chinese Literature and History" or "Department of Business Administration" for international students. Additionally, for those who want to study in Taiwan, the ITCSL program serves as a language institute. With such high flexibility in course arrangement, the ITCSL program at National Taipei University is your best choice!

The ITCSL program offers 40 credits of required courses in Chinese language proficiency, which range from Beginner Chinese to Advanced Chinese. Within a span of 2 years, students will be able to reach a minimum proficiency level of CEFR B2 (HSK Level 6) or higher.

Chinese learners are not required to take all 40 credits of Chinese language proficiency courses. Depending on their Chinese level, they can apply for up to 8 credits of exemption and 32 credits of transfer. To earn graduation credits for the transferred courses, they can select from the Business Chinese Group and the Cultural Chinese Group, which are two of the elective course groups offered through the College of Business and the College of Humanities at National Taipei University.

There are four elective course groups in the ITCSL program.

The Chinese Language Proficiency Group is designed for students who want to improve their Chinese language skills. For those considering becoming a Chinese language teacher, there is a special Teaching Skills Group that focuses on developing teaching skills. For those interested in business and management, the Business Chinese Group, and for those interested in Chinese literature, history, society, and culture, the Cultural Chinese Group.

The four elective groups in the ITCSL program do not have a minimum credit requirement. To meet graduation requirements, students need 36 credits from any or all of the four groups. This allows students to design their own study plans based on their interests and goals. The ITCSL program enables students to create a customized path that suits their needs.


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