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National Cheng Kung University

Inst. of International Management (IIMBA) (國際經營管理研究所) (Master)

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The Institute of International Management (IIMBA) is a multifaceted institution that prioritizes expanding its students’ expertise of business and management focusing on Strategy and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, and IT & Operations and Decision. It does this through a structured curriculum designed to enable multicultural communication and collaboration.

The IIMBA was established as a Master’s degree program in 2003, NCKU’s first all-English program. In 2007, the IIMBA expanded to include a Doctoral program. This year we have international students from 34 countries on top of our local students. We have 658 graduates from 53 countries since 2003. Those outstanding alumni play important roles in different fields. For example, some of them are professors and some work in the business and financial area as executive, consultant etc..

Out Institute’s vision is: Globalization, Professionalism, Communication, and Integrity. And the mission is to cultivate future business leaders with professional knowledge, communication and leadership skills while enhancing their ethical global vision in a multicultural environment.

Our goal is to develop and sharpen the students’ business knowledge and skills in a global environment. We aim to produce competitive business leaders given an international landscape and holistic view of the various fields of management rooted in a global perspective. Through our international management program, we provide students a highly disciplined, methodological approach to business problem-solving based on an encompassing understanding of actual international business issues.

IIMBA students are active in many extra-curricular activities. They are important assets in developing a global perspective and expanding cultural awareness. These events enrich students’ experience in Taiwan as well as international interaction.


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