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National Sun Yat-sen University

Department of Business Management (Master Degree)

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Language of instruction
50% taught in English

The Master programme at the deparment of Business Management has a high standing in Taiwan and around the globe. The reason for our achievement is that we have clear learning goals, which underline the cultivation of our students to become the managing talents that possess “well-rounded” quality as well as professional skills, ethics, international view and vernacular sentiments. To achieve these goals, we endeavor in the following aspects in our course design:

A. Professional skills: To alleviate the practices-academics gaps, our efforts include the adoption of case teaching method and newest business cases, the invitation of business executives to give speeches, the on-site business visits, etc.

B. Ethics: Ethics is the key for becoming an excellent manager, so we have three required courses, including Ethics and Leadership, Organizational Theory and Management, and Business Policy and Strategy.

C. International view: To enhance students’ global view, we offer a number of English-taught courses, overseas exchange programs, and English-based lectures. Moreover, Students are required to pass the criteria of English tests, such as TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS.

D. Vernacular sentiment: We encourage students to contribute to local community and the whole society. Our efforts include leading students to collaborate with non-for-profit associations and having the “Entrepreneurship Management” course.

To help our students to stand out in the competitive job market, our efforts include offering internship opportunities and/or business projects, holding Job Fair and professional workshops, etc.

Through the efforts from our faculty and office staff, we ensure all students understand the above learning goals and the actions.

Required Courses:
Organizational Theory & Management
Business Policy and Strategy
Ethics and leadership


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