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Tunghai University

國際學院不分系英語學士班 The International College Interdisciplinary Degree Program

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English

Special Features of the Program:
1.A unique Chinese program to improve the communication and expression skills as well as strengthen the listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
2.To guide to explore the interests and develop an interdisciplinary learning ability.
3.Nurturing Environment with Teachers, Advisors, American Mentors, and Classmates.
4.Interaction with Global Leaders from International Corporation and Successful Private Entrepreneurs that lead to Internships and Jobs upon Graduation.
5.Nurturing Environment with Teachers, Advisors, American Mentors, and Classmates.

Education Goals:
1.Implementing a holistic, well-rounded education and cultivating students to gain an understanding of science, the humanities and social care
2.Deepen professional knowledge and competencies
3.Foster students' teamwork and self-expression skills
4.Cultivate students with an international perspective and competitiveness
5.Cultivate international experience and multiple language communication skills


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