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National Central University

Master Program in Hakka Political Economy, Department of Hakka Language and Social Sciences

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The College of Hakka Studies at National Central University is the first college of Hakka studies established in Taiwan. It aims to research and teach the essence of the Hakka culture, to cultivate talent for Hakka studies, and to preserve and promote the Hakka culture.

The Department of Hakka Language and Social Sciences was established under the College of Hakka Studies in August of 2013. It provides undergraduate, graduate, and Ph. D. programs, offering education ranging from basic courses on the language and culture of Hakka, and the development of social science skills, to advanced courses that equip students with professional abilities to conduct research on the language or culture of Hakka. Therefore, this department is a higher education institution that develops talent for Hakka studies.

The objective of the department is to study and develop the Hakka culture with a Hakka spirit. We care about Hakka affairs and show new sides of the Hakka culture by offering a different perspective. In other words, we endeavor to reinvent the Hakka culture in a Hakka spirit, building momentum for the sustainable development of the Hakka culture.


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