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National Central University

Graduate Institute of Statistic

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The Graduate Institute of Statistics of National Central University was founded in 1979, and the doctoral program was additionally established in 1987. In recent years, we have mainly focused on the integration of financial engineering, industries, academic research and talent development, such goals that would enhance the standards and quality of domestic statistics. In respect to teaching, we have been dedicated to related statistical theories and the application of software and hardware with the expectation that students can apply what they have learned to various statistical fields. As for academic research, in order to develop the extensiveness and depth of research, the institute not only cooperates with the Departments of Finance and Bio-medicine, but also integrates with the research of medical institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve the applicability of research results. Furthermore, the Graduate Institute of Statistics has expanded teaching resources and research directions in different fields by recruiting new teachers and researchers. In order to attract outstanding students and enable them to actively devote themselves to research, the institute also provides scholarships as encouragement. Meanwhile, we encourage students to participate in both domestic and oversea seminars with the hope that students will broaden their views, as well as make connections to the world. The Institute of Statistics now has closely cooperative relationships with Cathay Hospital, Landseed Hospital and several other medical institutes, as well as related financial and industrial circles. Holding an educational concept that considers the teaching and research of National Central University, the institute expects to develop statistical professionals capable of independent thinking and innovation and to make a contribution to domestic statistical research and development.


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