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National Central University

Graduate Institute of History

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The Graduate Institute of History was established in 1993. The main goal of the Institute is to cultivate young scholars specializing in Chinese history since the Ming Dynasty and Taiwanese history. In addition to intensive study of Chinese archival material, students are required to familiarize themselves with Western classical works in these two fields. Students are encouraged to learn foreign languages, such as Japanese, English and French, so as to enrich their ability to conduct research in various fields.

 The Institute has a strong faculty of full-time and part-time professors, all of whom graduated from major universities and are distinguished in their own research specialties. The Graduate Institute of History focuses on teaching and researching Chinese history since the Ming dynasty and Taiwan history since the Qing dynasty, and provides courses designed to offer a solid foundation of study in the history of cross-strait relations.

 The Institute holds academic activities periodically and forms study groups to enhance students’ interest in scholarly learning. The Institute has set up the Center for the Study of Cross-Strait Relations and the Center for Ming-Qing Studies to promote related research. In addition, the Institute’s journal, Shih-Hui, has become a major journal in the field of history since its first publication in 1996.


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