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The Department of Chinese Literature has a lengthy history and offers a complete educational program. The undergraduate program was set up in 1969, the master’s program in 1987, and a doctoral program in 1994. In 2004 a part-time master’s program was set up. In this department, we feel that teaching and research are equally significant. Philosophy, literature, philology, and language are all important directions of endeavor. At the same time, we are devoted to domestic and international academic exchange.

The department has established several specialized research sections designed to closely integrate the spheres of research and teaching. These include a section on Chinese Drama, which houses the largest collection of books and videos on Chinese drama, a section on Chinese Buddhist Scripture Study (originally the Dunhuang (敦煌) Research Office) which is engaged in the study of religious philosophy and Sanskrit teachings, a section of the Dreams of the Red Chamber (紅學), which includes both classical and modern perspectives, a section of Modern Literature and Qi-jun, where the focus is on contemporary literature and the essays of Qi-jun (琦君), and a section of Confucian Studies, particularly for the study of Taiwanese Neo-Confucianism. The department offers an integrated type of research plan including academic seminars, study groups, and conferences on which to build the basis of sound scholarship. Year by year we plan to continue the development of our teaching and research resources. We already have future plans to set up a section of Taiwanese Literature, a section of Linguistics, and a section of the Literature and Thoughts of the Wei Jin Period, as well as other sections for specialized research, to offer teachers and students a conduit for academic exchange and cooperation and to ensure an integrated and ideal environment for research and education.

Faculty members come from a variety of academic backgrounds and some are outstanding specialists in their field with experience acquired at well-known schools at home and abroad. To strengthen academic exchange, the department conducts regular department seminars. Our students are encouraged to submit academic writing to the Department of Chinese Student Thesis Writing Conference, and we welcome all graduate students in Taiwan to participate in our National Conference of Graduate Students on Chinese Studies. In recent years, we have become energetically engaged in international academic exchanges, have hired a number of internationally renowned scholars and short-term visiting professors, each of whom has hosted a lecture series, all designed to broaden our academic horizons, increase our competitiveness, and establish an outstanding reputation in the world of Chinese academia.


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