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National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

Graduate Institute of Tourism Management PhD Program

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Above 90% taught in English

The doctoral program focuses primarily on “Tourism & Leisure” and “Hospitality Management”, with an emphasis on applying management knowledge and technique to study the practical operation issues of the travel and tourism industry. In addition, based on the industry-academia development strategy, the Institute applies information technology and integrates professionalism into tourism, leisure and transportation services. The Institute enables students to become tourism professionals with both theoretical and practical skills. Students who graduate from the Institute can work in the tourism and tourism-related industries, the government tourism authority, teach in vocational schools, or pursue higher level of education.

With concepts of “humanity”, “professionalism”, “entrepreneurship” and “globalization” in mind, we have established targets for fostering talents with honorable characteristics, a solid basis of practice in management for the restaurant and tourism industries and a broad concept of globalization; their features are as follows.

-Based on teaching “professional skills and knowledge”, with an emphasis on the capability of the students in communication, identification beyond thinking, practice and creation. The spirit of everlasting learning with future prospects, practice and improvement are the foundation for breeding expertise in both abilities of application and proposing excellent solutions.
-It is oriented to practical research and emphasizes exploration and research of the tourism industry combined with management knowledge and skills. This is in line with the strategy for the school’s development in industry and academy, incorporated with information technology and specific fields of travelling and transportation, recreation and aviation, in order to foster professional talents equipped with both know-how and practical experiences.
-It focuses on professionalism and substantiality, as well as proactive attitudes and dedication to team work. It initiates an in-depth cultivation of “Taiwanese Culture” for talented professionals equipped with the capability of “being internationalized” in Tourism Operations and Management Practices, Exhibitions, Recreational Activities, Aviation & Transportation Services, Team Leaders and Tour Guides.
-Thorough approaches such as planning and developing the Tutorial Grade of International Tour Corporation Course, enhancing capabilities of Chinese & English Efficiency and requirements for accreditation and designing expertise courses in English, we foster elites in worldwide tourism and equip them with “passion in localization, mind with morality” via communication abilities among a diverse culture, adaptability, coordination and fostering the ability of professionally using a 3rd language.


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