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Shu-Te University

資訊工程系Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Founded in 2000, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of STU was established in order to meet the growing manpower demand in the Information
Technology (IT) industry. The department's primary goal is to provide solid training to
information engineering professionals to enable them to become well-versed in both
theory and practice. Our curriculum covers a wide range of courses in software and
hardware technologies and is devoted to three major application domains: (1)network
engineering technology, (2)application software design, and (3)digital game design. The
department currently offers four degree programs: four-year full-time and continuing
education programs for the Bachelor of Science (BS), as well as full-time and on-the-job
Graduate School of Computer Science and Information Engineering (MS) and an on- the job Master Program of E-Learning for Information Technology and Management.
Objectives Combination of Humanities and Technologies
We cultivate humanistic literacy and professional skills of students through the required
courses Balance of Theory and Practice
After accomplish the project that lasts for three semesters, students can integrate all
relative IT skills in class and cultivate team-work ability.

Certification of International Licenses
By arranging the relative courses, we counsel students to get international licenses that are required in IT industries.

l 改善學生的本質符合產業需求: 使學生能夠畢業即就業。
l 改造學生使具備就業競爭優勢: 運用有效的引導機制,落實本位課程目標。
l 引領學生落實能力本位的目標: 能滿足產業職能要求與學生生涯規劃。

l 資訊基礎與程式設計
l 資訊專業與網路實務
l 專題製作與文件寫作
l 職涯發展與職場適應
l 技術整合與研發創新


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