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Hsing Wu University

Department of Information Communication

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Taught in Chinese

It was established in 2004 to cultivate ‘film and television production’ and ‘digital communication’ professional and technical personnel. The strategy is to establish a ‘student-centered environment, and the pursuit of teaching into enhance students’ competitiveness and employability and meet the needs of industry.

Course direction: first, designing the basic course. Second, acquiring basic knowledge. Third, Digital audio and video production courses. Fourth, computer animation production. Fifth, Internet value-added interactive capabilities.

The major feature is to make you become an international master of film and television industry. We will bring you a different horizon. Here you will turn into a prominent professional who love film and television art. When you leave here, you will have successfully prepared yourself for regarding industry.

2016 Characteristics and Advantages:

First, best national film and television courses: S3D dimensional audio and video production, 4K popular film and television production teaching, 3D virtual photography studio film production, air shooting, time lapse photography production.Second, the first black magic film and television after effect international teaching system. Third, The first domestic underwater photography international certification course teaching department.

Welcome you to join us and we will lead you to the whole new horizons of media.


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