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Hsing Wu University

Department Of Fashion Design

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Our education goal is to offer ‘appearance design’ and ‘fashion brand marketing’ modules in accordance with industrial structure development. We emphasize aesthetics, science technology and human development to strengthen students’ both theory and practical ability.

Core ability: makeup image modeling, clothing design, fashion show planning and fashion brand marketing.

Courses cover: fashion hair makeup, Film and television special effects make-up, nail art, art painting, clothing composition design, dimensional cut, dress design, bag design, jewelry design, display design, fashion digital design, apparel procurement, marketing trends and other diversified design, creative courses for diverse learning activities such as annual fashion week show, festivals within the department, fashion industry visits and fashion celebrity lectures

Teaching characteristics: for the professional growth of graduates for future employment, we collaborate with industrial practitioners to share their field experience and tips with students within the curriculum. Also, curriculum covers practical skills learning and professional license preparation for the employment needs. The department strongly encourages students to participate in national and international competitions to explore broad perspectives and enhance competitiveness.

Future employment, ‘appearance design’ graduate can engage in new division stylist, project stylist and nail stylist, costume designer, fashion designer and accessories designer etc.

‘Fashion brand marketing’ graduate can pursue a career in fashion brand marketing, fashion industry marketing, curatorial fashion show, exhibition design and fashion activities such as public relations.


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