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Hsing Wu University

Department Of Applied English

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Above 90% taught in English

The goal of this department is to foster professional English teachers for children and tourism sectors in terms of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in order to facilitate their future career development.

The curriculum design features two modules: Tourism English Module and English Teaching Module. Courses in the Tourism English Module includes tour escort and guide training. Students of this mdule are provided with internship in contracted institutions, agencies, or corporations in the tourism industry. Courses in the English Teaching Module focus on teaching kids English, students are required to work as volunteer teachers in elementary schools near our school.

Students are equipped with the basic four language skills during the first two years and may choose to focus on either teaching English to children or tourism and hospitality in the third year. We put extra efforts to support students in obtaining various language proficiency certificates such as TOEIC and GEPT. Senior students are encouraged to practice their learning by participating in outside internship and project.

•1st year: English listening, Phonetics, Vocabulary, Grammar and Rhetoric, Introduction of Western Literature, Introduction of Tourism, Tourism Management.

•2nd year: Writing, Conversation, Reading, Drama/Movie English, Introduction of Exposition, Applied English Practice, Practical English texts, Cross-cultural Study, Japanese, French.

•3rd year: English Teaching Pedagogy, Children’s English,Teaching and Practice, Second Language Acquisition, Business English Writing, Tour Guide English, Project Study.

•4th year: Internship (internship for one year as a preparatory stage for their future career), Project Study.

Teachers and Facilities:Faculty members are composed of 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and 8 lecturers with professional English educational backgrounds. Also, the department have sufficiently well-equipped facilities including English labs, Business Communication English Classroom, Children’s English Practice Classroom and English house. The English house is a warm, cozy American-style learning place. It is divided into five parts: the Department Library, English Corner, English Self-Access Center, English Little Theater and English Consultation Room.


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