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Department Of Travel Management

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The Department of Tourism Management was established in 2005. The faculty consists of 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, 6 lecturers and 645 students.

The department focuses on ‘Professionalism education’ in ‘management of tourism services’ and ‘management of aviation and transport services’. It distinguishes from the general tourism department and highlights its professional characteristics to cultivate students’ career development regarding travel industry and transport services.

‘Tourism Services Management’ and ‘Aviation and Transportation Services Management’ course module will be offered for students to strengthen their core competence.

The job marked of our graduate focus on the transportation services and tourism; duties include airline flight attendants and ground staff, airport service staff, tour guides, OP staff, travel itinerary planning, exhibition planning and leisure recreation industry administrative staff. The graduate employment rate remained at 90% or more. It remains at more than 50% in terms of employment in the tourism-related industries. According to local job recruitment website ( and survey), the graduates’ overall employment rate is the highest ranked among all the colleges.

The department provides these courses can make students flexibly adapt to a dynamic changing working environment, improve their practical abilities, and develop a strong work ethic and attitude. Also, senior students are required to complete an internship as compulsory credits to improve their professional competitiveness.

In 2015, a total of 307 professional licenses were obtained by our students, 10 of them even achieved national tour guide certificates.


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