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In order to highlight our specialty, the department develops ‘Organizational Program’, ‘Curriculum Program’, ‘Teacher Program’, ‘Equipment Program’ and ‘Cooperation among Industry, University and Research Program’. Those are designed to train students to be equipped with professionally practical skills in research, curriculum and practical training.

The course module is divided into ‘Hospitality Management’ and ‘Culinary Management’. It includes basic, professional theory and practical courses to ensure students’ pragmatic professionalism and to obtain the relevant tourism certificates.

The Department of resources is highly completed. We have the International Cuisine Institute, baking classrooms, Chinese and Western food classrooms, cooking demonstration classrooms and internships, and other professional classrooms. (i.e. National Institute of Labor, City & Guilds, United States AH & LA and other international units) The department provides those with students to support their high license test rate. Therefore, students are qualified to enter the tourism industry with the global competitiveness. Also, students are able to have professional knowledge and skills regarding tourism industry to enter the field through the courses.

We provide various courses, such as Taiwanese, Australia, America and South Asian to nuture cuisines. Course also include baking and Chinese pastry, catering services, coffee beverage preparation, coffee bean roastery, wine appreciation/management and other related courses food and beverage business management expertise and culinary talents.


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