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​Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

Master of Life Education

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Taught in Chinese

Understanding the wisdom of life and creating a life pattern

1. The characteristics of the learning process: life reflection and
observation, settling one's body and mind and that of others,
cross-cultural multiple visions

2. Goal and vision:
i. Integrate and create the value and meaning of life, and implement life education in the context of contemporary society.
ii. Cover the complete life course, deepen and develop the theory and practice of social care.
iii. Construct the category of cross-disciplinary research and practice: including philosophy, psychology, religion, art, education, culture, etc.

3. Curriculum direction:
i. View on life
ii. Self-relationship
iii. Life Aesthetics
iv. Practical ability
v. Caring topics
vi. Seminar topics


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