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National Kaohsiung Normal University

Graduate Institute of Science Education & Environmental Education

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring


The missions of this institute︰those academic research professionals of science education, administrative personnel of science education and science teachers with teaching professional abilities, who were cultivated based on philosophical rationales and practical experiences of science education, are expected to, based on solid academic research results, propagate advisory works of science education to raise the scientific literacy of citizenry. Owing to the research of science education, instruction development and propagation services devoted by all the graduate students and faculties, it is also hoped that the theory and practices of science education would be in accordance with the practical necessaries in our country.

The focal points and characteristics of instruction and research
The design of curriculum in this institution focuses not only on the academic research abilities of students but also on intensifying their intellectual sensibilities with the hope to conduct science teacher’s missions effectively. There are three focal point in the institution for the future︰
1. To improve the environment and facilities of research and to raise the atmosphere of academic research.

2. To upgrade the qualities of academic researches and to improve educational propagations.

3. To strengthen academic interchange and to internationalize our researches of science education.


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