University & Program

Cheng Shiu University

Department of Business Administration

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
50% taught in English

1. The curriculum design fulfills the core courses of business management, and a curriculum map is formed. Besides, the curriculum design is evaluated annually by hiring prominent managers or alumni to examine the adequacy for matching the needs of the current industry.
2. The curriculum map consists of three major categories and nine career objectives, meeting the needs of the industry.
3. A management internship program is implemented in the curriculums of Two-Year College, Four-Year College, and Graduate School.
4. Since 2005, under the Career Program, our department collaborated with Council of Labor Affairs every year to provide students with field trips and practical training, and invited the speakers from the industry to lecture on the practical business management issue.
5. Student’s practical projects are evaluated by oral tests before their graduation. Since 2002, some student’s excellent projects accepted funding by National Science Council each year.
Courses :
Group of Business Administration
Group of Marketing Management
Group of Merchandise Circulation Management


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