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Ming Chi University Of Technology

Ming Chi University Of Technology

Department of Visual Communication Design

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Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The primary mission of the Department of Visual Communication Design is to develop students’ diverse and creative thinking skills and enable them to form a complete perspective of design and the society. By offering training which integrates technology and art, we cultivate students’ aesthetic qualities and composition skills by means of graphic design courses and encourage students to develop themselves in professional areas such as digital multimedia creations and interactive media design. Our goal is to nurture professionals who possess design skills and are specialized in art and design & marketing.

Our featured courses include basic design courses for first-year students: Sketch, Fundamental Formatics, and Visual Psychology and professional skill training courses for second-year students: Advertising Design, Animation Design, Music for Film, and Multimedia Workshop. Students are expected to use those theories, techniques, skills, and concepts along with what they learn from their practical co-operative training in the third year to complete their final project.

Our graduates work in a diverse array of fields, including graphic design, digital multimedia, interactive media, and so on. We also encourage our graduates to go for further studies in order to widen their horizons as well as learn more state of the art design ideas.


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