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Meiho University

Department of Social Work

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Bachelor / Master
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Taught in Chinese

1. There are many professional licenses for teachers. The licensees for social workers and counseling psychologists are 9 and 5 respectively.
2. Actively undertake the production and government cooperation program, providing students with work opportunities and economically disadvantaged student scholarships.
3. The curriculum and the community complement each other and set up three major clubs: “ Social Service Team, Volunteer Service Team, Department Student Union”.
4. The three major modules of the curriculum planning are the Children's and Family's Social Work Group, the Elderly and the Mentally Handicapped Social Work Group, and the Mental Health Social Work Group. Each year, students are assigned to Cambodia for international volunteer service.
5. Coaching and obtaining licenses: In the past 5 years, about 100 students have taken the national social worker license.
6. Multi-internship: divided into three stages, namely, “internship preparation education, summer institution internship, and program internship”; the internship units include children and adolescents, the physically and mentally handicapped, the elderly, women, new immigrants, indigenous people and other social welfare units. .
7. Excellent competition results: 2017 National Science and Technology University Social Work Program Design and Implementation Achievement Competition “1st in the Children and Juvenile Welfare Group, 1st in the Community Welfare Group, and 2nd in the Family Welfare Group”.


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