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Meiho University

Department of Tourism

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Taught in Chinese

1. This department combines the sightseeing and recreation resources of Pingtung with the "Landscape in the World" and "Combination of Courses and Certificates" to develop professional knowledge such as sightseeing tours and hotel homestays.
2. Training of tourism services, aviation services, guided tours, conference and exhibition, hotel industry, hotel industry professionals.
3. Coaching and obtaining licenses: Chinese (Foreign) language leader/guide, air reservation license, travel planner, international etiquette receptionist, national tourism leader, exhibition talent certification, hotel management license, PVQC sightseeing professional English international license, English and Japanese certificates, etc.
4. Multiple internships: There are five-star hotels and travel agencies in Japan, Singapore, and Australia, and internships from major domestic airlines, hotels, restaurants, and amusement areas.
5. Excellent competition results:
(1) The third national science popularization campaign for film production: won the runner-up.
(2) Department Introduced Film Competition(National): won the first place and the secondary school student vote.
(3) 2015 Tourism Elite Cup Tour Design Competition: won the best work.
(4) 2017 Sightseeing Cup National High School Creativity Interpretation Tournament Competition: won the second place in the Japanese group, the third place in the English group and the third place in the Chinese language group.


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