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Meiho University

Department of Food Science and Nutrition

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1. Food safety expert: The belonged “Health Industry and Agricultural Products Inspection Service Center” is the first laboratory certified by the national colleges and universities.
2. Excellent in evaluation of the quality: It was awarded the first prize from the Ministry of Education and the annual equipment renewal fee of 18 million NT for 2016 academic year.
3. Complete and sound equipment: establish a food simulation factory, develop new products and cooperate with the industry to produce, and update the equipment of the group diet preparation classroom to create a better learning environment.
4. Coaching and obtaining licenses: food technicians, food inspection analysis C/B grade, health food engineer, Chinese food cooking technician, baking technician, Chinese dim sum technician, and C-level chemical license.
5. Employment orientation: nutritionist, food technician, health nutrition consultant, food inspector / researcher / quality control, inspection technician, project researcher, health management / clinical / group diet / community / hospital nutritionist, diabetes health teacher , biological testing / research and development personnel, microbiological inspectors, assistant researchers, etc.
Students can be employees in domestic or international food science technological companies or factories, working as researcher or developing personnel. Other jobs include but not limited to quality inspectors, administrative managers or salespersons. Students may also choose to work in related medical fields and work as a professional nutritionists. For governmental positions, students can apply to take federal tests at various levels, become a food scientist, or work for the Dept. of Public Health. For further studies, students can apply to graduate school in related fields around the country or study abroad.


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