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Da-Yeh University

Bachelor Program for Baking and Beverage Modulation

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Purpose of the Program
Since 2012, baking and beverage industry have over NT$100,000,000,000 value in Taiwan. In the past, baking talents were always cultivated by traditional modes handed down from master to apprentice. Although this emphasizes the workmanship of the master, this type of learning lacks modern management concepts including cost control, understanding of nutrition and health security, and thus, is incapable of cultivating talented professionals of Western baking who hold both an international and modern view.
This is the reason this program was created. The program is separated into two modules: The first one refers to the baking and beverage practical module which helps students gain a theoretical understanding on the theory such as bread, snacks and cake making practices and handing ability. The second module aims at the baking and beverage management and marketing module focusing on learning the ability and professional knowledge about food sanitation and safety, human resources, planning, management and creative marketing.


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