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Da-Yeh University

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

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75% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Gears play an important role in the mechanical system, whether they are small or large. The mechanical system cannot function properly without gears.
The symbol of our Department: Gear means the department trains students to be the integrators and coordinators of the cross domains of the enterprise. Our department is a combination of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering of science/technology, stressing the interdisciplinary functions together with technology management strategy, involving applications development, innovation and management of intellectual property. We emphasize the development of the spirit of teacher-student apprenticeship, combined with the characteristics of the industry of the central region of Taiwan. All teachers are able to conduct a case study in practice, guiding students to make the topic of the thesis and graduation, the combination of theory and practice. Students with the spirit of our department have the ability to solve practical problems. Each of the department faculty is with research strength in addition to the zeal of classroom teaching to students with basic/core knowledge. For example, we work on robotics, 3D printing, computer-aid design, applications for internet of things (IOT), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and quality management system. Considering the main trends of global industrial innovation: industry 4.0, our department of Industrial Engineering and Management here is your best choice for international competence.


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