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Shih Hsin University

Shih Hsin University

College of Journalism and Communications

Program Level
Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English

Shih Hsin University has made its name as Taiwan’s top journalism and communications institution. After more than half a century, the university is now home to the country’s most prestigious journalism and communications program, including the following institutes and departments:

Graduate Institute of Communications

Department of Journalism
Department of Communications Management
Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing
Department of Public Relations and Advertising
Department of Information and Communications
Department of Speech Communication
Department of Radio, Television and Film
Department of Digital Multimedia Arts
The college oversees Shih Hsin University Newsweek, Taiwan Lih Pao, Shih Hsin Radio Station, Shih Hsin Television Station, Institute of Knowledge Economy Development, and CCE Online.

The college’s courses are defined by an emphasis on the effective application of know-how and a combination of theory and practice. Interdisciplinary studies are encouraged using interdepartmental courses and curricula, which remove conventional, “boxed-in” program ceilings. Furthermore, the faculty and teaching resources of the college have been integrated by a college task force devoted to a developing a cohesive, overarching Master Syllabus. In addition, an exhibition of work by graduating seniors is staged every year, showcasing students’ achievements.


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