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Chihlee University of Technology

Department of International Trade 

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Chihlee Institute of Technology was established as Chihlee College of Business in 1965. The school name and motto were adopted in accordance with the teaching of ancient Chinese philosophers and sages: integrity, professionalism and diligence. The Department of International Trade is one of the four academic departments when Chihlee started off. In August of 2000, Chihlee College of Business was renamed Chihlee Institute of Technology, and the Department started offering Bachelor degrees while still keeping its Junior College Section. Under the leadership of Professor Feng-Yu Lin, the Department currently has 30 full-time faculty members, 56 adjunct teachers, 2 staff members, and approximately 1,300 students.

As for features of the Department’s development, there are mainly five points as follows:
(1) Considering development of both localization and globalization.
(2) Emphasizing on incubation of foreign language ability and information skills.
(3) Valuing training on international business practice and commercial negotiation ability.
(4) Aiming at nurturing full-scaled international trade talents.
(5)Reinforcing consultation for students in sitting for related certification examinations, to increase theircompetitiveness in career placement.


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