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Chihlee University of Technology

Department of Applied English

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Chihlee Institute of Technology (CIT) was originally founded as Chih Lee College of Business (CLCB) in 1964.Initially, CLCB had four academic departments: International Trade, Business Administration, Accounting and Statistics, and Banking and Insurance. The Department of Secretarial Science was subsequently added in 1967,and the department was changed to Department of Applied English in 1999. Our objective is to equip students with a good command of English and commercial knowledge to meet the current demands for English-speaking professionals.The Department of Applied English currently offers two levels of day class programs: Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree program and a Five-Year Associate Degree program. We also offer Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree program of evening program.

The following goals are set in accordance with the Department’s special features, the job market’s trends, and the nation and society’s future development requirements:
(1) Improve English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Nurture global views and interdisciplinary expertise and cultivate professional talents with proficient English ability for profession skills.
(2) Foster work ethic, teamwork, expression and communication skills, basic computer abilities, problem-identifying and solving skills, and other sustainable competitive strengths.


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