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Chihlee University of Technology

Department of Leisure and Recreation Management

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Introduction to the Department of Leisure and Recreation Management
The department of Leisure and Recreation Management was established in 2001. Based on the industry need and resource utilization, the courses are divided into two models focus on “vacation service management” and “travel service management”. Students may choose their major course model during the study. So as to broaden their international view and increase their foreign language ability and practical training, students are required to complete 1000 hours of internship before graduation.

The mission of the department of Leisure and Recreation Management is to educate students on the foundation of academic excellence to have a sense of responsibility, high ethical standards and team spirit, such that they meet the management needs of the ever-changing global hospitality and tourism industry. This will be accomplished through theory-based education and advancement of practical training that students benefit from to serve the national and international community’s hospitality and travel industries.
(1) Development professional management and service employees in the leisure and recreation industries.
(2) Plan professional and global courses based on local featured industries.
(3) Strengthen industry-university cooperative research project to improve practical teaching abilities among teachers.
(4) Establish complex recreational learning environments and complete internship.
(5) Compose of consultants and technology service to assist industry development.


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