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歷史學系 History

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he History Department of Tunghai University was set up since the establishment of the University (in 1955). It has been in existence for more than 60 years, and is one of the history departments in Taiwan with a long history. The Graduate (Institute) of History was set up in 1970. When the Department was set up, it was headed by Professor Chong-Hong Liu who originally taught in the History Department of National Taiwan University, and there were the other professors such as Yan-Feng Chu, Wen-Zheng Lan, Le-Tong Chi, Shao-Chen Yang and Malone ( Surname). In the following 20 years, because the University was a member of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia(UBCHEA), there were a number of foreign teachers recruited. The Department adopted a small-class system from the first to the 17th year, and there were only a dozen graduates each year. The goal of the Graduate Institute is to cultivate talents in historical research, and most alumni teach in colleges and universities. Since 1972 the United Board gradually decreased its support to the University. The Department began to increase the enrollment quota, and there was a turnover of the teachers as those who joined the University since its establishment gradually retired and new teachers joined. However, the Department has always been committed to teaching.


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