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National Taipei University of Education

National Taipei University of Education

MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies of Contemporary Art (CCSCA) ★Taught in English

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Above 90% taught in English

★To increase career prospects and employability for graduates, our program offers both theoretical and practical knowledge. And all courses for this 2-year master's program will be instructed in English. Students will be introduced to key texts and cases by our faculty members as well as a number of visiting scholars and guest speakers to gain insight into the important topics, issues and practices of contemporary art, exhibition curating and museum management. Special attention will be given to ensure a variety of scenarios, from alternative space, pop-up gallery to large biennale, are examined.
★In an attempt to create a truly multidisciplinary education environment for students, all of our graduate-level courses will be open to all of our graduate students, regardless of the specific degree that s/he is pursuing. This is to say, students who attend the all-English ‘Contemporary Art: Critical and Curatorial Studies’ can also benefit from the teaching of Jan Guy (University of Sydney). Judy Schwartz (New York University). Johanna Liu (University of Toronto). Dominique Paini (Ecole du Louvre). Yolaine Escande (EHESS). Sato Manabu (Tokyo University) and many international distinguished scholars invited to give talks in other MA and doctoral programs.

we are in an advantageous position to prepare students for immediate employment !
★A work-based graduation requirement: The goal of our program is to offer both hands-on training and academic studies. Internships and report/thesis writing are thus two of the most important components of our program.
★Intensive museum experience: Our program is affiliated with the Museum of National Taipei University of Education (MoNTUE), an award-winning art museum , which is managed by the ex-director of the National Palace Museum. Students will have the privilege to observe or participate in all kinds of museum work from conservation, exhibition-mounting, education to audience research, and obtain groundwork training before they begin their internship. Outside the classroom curriculum, students can also work part time in the museum and receive stipends. Moreover, the museum hosts talks, performances, outreach activities, conferences, concerts, film and digital sessions all year round; students are welcome to take advantage of these opportunities to enrich their learning and broaden their horizon.
★Advanced language learning: The Chinese-Learning Center of the National Taipei University of Education is another on-campus resource for our students. Most foreign students enrolled in Taiwan’s universities have already studied the Chinese language for 1 or 2 years, but our students can further benefit from our university’s renowned Chinese-learning center throughout their stay here. The continual exposure to systematic language learning can help students immerse themselves in the culture and sharpen their communication skills, thus further enhancing their job prospects.


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