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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Economics

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Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

Objectives of the Department

The department has been making efforts to educate the students with disciplines of economics, computer skills, English, and vision. This department emphasizes both theory and practice. The training of economic theory is strict and balanced on micro and macroeconomics. English and computer skills are emphasized in the hope that the students can be competitive in the world market.

Future Development and Distinguishing Feature of the Department

An economic professional has to possess a background in economics as well as the ability to work with people of another discipline. In addition, the development of global information, as well as the communication system, has shortened the distance between countries, and hence the computer skill and English (as a world-widely used language) become very important. Therefore, this department places special emphasis on the training of economic theory, computer skills, and English.

The department encourages the student to study of their own will, to discover issues and solve problems through discussion, and to build up their ability of independent study. Teaching assistants are available for students in major courses such as calculus, accounting, economics, and statistics.


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