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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Accounting

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Taught in Chinese

The accounting programs are designed to
1. provide students a solid foundation for an accounting career in today’s competitive business environment
2. emphasize the importance of professional ethics and communication skills by offering courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
3. offer students an interdisciplinary perspective by encouraging students to explore other disciplines in the College of Management
4. require seniors to carry out successful group research projects. This “learning by doing” approach is intended to inspire students’ research interest and to show them the importance of teamwork.
5. provide income tax preparation services to the local community by offering seniors two “ Practicum in Taxation Bureau” courses since 2000.

Learning Goals of Undergraduate Program
- To pass on human-centric values, resource integration, innovative knowledge, and internationalized vision to students, the college of management aims to establish a sound learning environment through concerted efforts of its faculty, staff, and students. The department of accounting upholds the following five learning goals:
- To acquaint students with the accounting profession and to cultivate students' self-learning ability.
acquaint students with an integrated knowledge between accounting and management, as to prepare students to possess problem-solving skills.
- To acquaint students with social responsibility, ethical discipline, and teamwork ability.
- To acquaint students with global perspectives and communication in global contexts.
- To acquaint students with information technology skills to enrich students’ ability to integrate resources and understand risk management.


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