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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Business Administration (Master's Program in Management)

Program Level
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

Features of MBA Program
1. AACSB certification, the MBA students have more opportunities with world-class university contacts.
2. Emphasizes the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical operation of teaching, through “Learning by Doing” to Integrate knowledge, build management capacity and establish the correct concept of learning and working.
3. Provide diverse learning opportunities, including business visits and access, organizing academic conferences and industry forums, domestic and overseas industry practice, domestic and overseas service-learning, and foreign exchange students.
4. Industry practice helps students learn to implement management intelligence in the enterprise operation in order to enrich student learning, cultivate teamwork, and use creative thinking. Overseas business visits and access allow students to have a more diverse learning environment in order to implement international learning. Overseas service-learning links theoretical management knowledge of the classroom and requirements of disadvantaged groups around the world in order to enhance the learning effectiveness of the theoretical management knowledge from the classroom to holistic education.

Learning Goals
1. Each student should be able to recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas in everyday business practices. This learning goal is met by course-embedded examinations and projects.
2. Each student should be able to expand their international perspective. This learning goal is met by embedded examinations.
3. Each student should be able to conduct independent research and solve real-world problems encountered by enterprises. This learning goal is met by thesis writing.
4. Each student should be able to develop sound communication and interpersonal skills. This learning goal is met by projects and case studies.
5. Each student should be able to integrate knowledge and skills from different disciplines. This learning goal is met by projects and thesis writing.


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