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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Life Science

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Bachelor / Master
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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

This department employs highly qualified faculty members for teaching and research. To nurture professional bio-technologists, the department has since the time of Fr. Hubert developed the following distinguishing features:
- Equal emphasis on teaching and research.
- Close bond between teacher and students.
- Well-qualified, experienced faculty.

【The educational objectives of the department】
Through a well-designed curriculum, to train students in professional knowledge of life science, the scientific method, and problem-solving.
Through a quality environment for practice and research work, to provide students with life science experimental techniques and research and analytical abilities.
By establishing fruitful interaction between professors and students, to help students overcome learning difficulties, and to guide them in their career planning.
The first objective of our department is a substantive one; after that is our results objective. Our department has specific methods for reaching the substantive target and utilizes our university’s course evaluation system, the advising system, and the responses of alumni to understand whether the results objective is reached.

Our students are welcome to provide suggestions regarding the objectives of the department by filling out a special questionnaire.

【The educational objectives of the graduate division】
The mission of this Institution is to "provide education and laboratory training on topics related to life sciences in order to train experts in life sciences who possess the necessary theoretical foundation knowledge, experimental techniques, and problem-solving skills." In accordance with this mission, the following teaching goals have been defined:

Cultivate the scientific methodology and abilities required to equip graduate students with critical thinking, problem analysis, and independent research skills.
- Cultivate the thesis writing, reading, and assertion skills of graduate students.
- Cultivate the ability of graduate students to work as part of a research team.
- Cultivate the ability of graduate students to plan their own professional careers.


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