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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Chemistry

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Bachelor / Master
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Taught in Chinese
Fall / Spring

The Department of Chemistry recruits two classes of freshmen each year. The department equally stresses basic chemistry courses and practical applications. The students undergo strict training that includes required core courses as set by the Ministry of Education as well as a complete elective selection with such classes as Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Spectrum, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Special Topics, Inorganic Photochemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Basic Instrumental Analysis, Analysis Special Topics, Procedural Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Organic Spectral Analysis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Physical Properties of Polymer, Materials Science, Sophomore English, Computer Program Applications, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry Research Techniques, and Case Studies.

Undergraduate students with outstanding grades are encouraged to take graduate-level courses, which is part of a flexible approach that being part of a private university allows. The master’s degree program in Chemistry at Fu Jen University admits thirty students per year (including nine admitted from applications without testing) while the doctoral program admits eight regular students and three students who are presently working. Outstanding first-year master’s degree program students can apply directly for doctoral program admission in order to shorten the time needed to complete the degree.

The department’s labs are spacious and replete with up-to-date facilities to conduct cutting-edge experiments. The graduate school also offers a sound system as well as a television and a coffee area to lend some relaxation to hard-working students.


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