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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Electrical Engineering

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75% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The research specialization in the Department of Electrical Engineering includes four areas: (1) communication, (2) computer and network, (3) system engineering and (4) VLSI/CAD:

Communication: the research and teaching are focused on communication system technologies, such as the third and the fourth generation communication systems, signal processing for wireless, system analysis, communication chip design, RF circuit design and radar system design.

Computer and Network: the research and teaching are focused on computer system integration technology, such as the development of multimedia system in image processing, pattern recognition, heterogeneous network, network communication and computer system applications.

System engineering: the research and teaching are focused on system engineering technology, such as variable structure control, intelligent control, power electronics, electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference, and medical electronic system such as biomedical ultrasound.

VLSI/CAD: the research and teaching are focused on the chip system design techniques, such as the communication IC design, mixed analog-digital VLSI design, multimedia VLSI design, VLSI testing and design automation, and embedded system design.


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