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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Landscape Architecture

Program Level
Bachelor / Master
Language of instruction
Taught in Chinese

Characteristics of the Undergraduate department
Professional development-driven landscape education has in recent years reached the level of “environmental design” worldwide. Starting from dealing with personal needs, students get to acquire the techniques of solving problems shared by larger groups in society, and within the nation step by step. These include the use and the management of space, environment, and resources. We particularly focus on critical and dialectic thinking of people’s different values embedded in design and planning processes. Our landscape education takes “care for marginality”, “social justice”, and “preservation of nature” as our primary concerns. Professional services in environmental design are meant to maximize public goods.

Characteristics of Graduate School
Building on undergraduate education of design and professional courses, our graduate education leads students to solve problems of real settings and act on them. The core courses in design and planning include landscape studies seminars, advanced landscape design, and thematic seminars. The curriculum combines on-site planning, design, and service in the form of design workshops to shape design, planning, and analytic skills. Courses in methodology include thesis writing, quantitative and qualitative research methods, thesis seminars, and other theoretical courses. These courses provide theoretical and analytical training for thesis writing.


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