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Fu Jen Catholic University

Department of Communication Arts

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Taught in Chinese

Our goal is to provide students with a high-quality education in both practical and theoretical fields and in doing so prepare them to become leaders in the field. In CA, the students enhance their ability in the creation of Radio, TV, film, and multimedia content, while they also learn communication theories and media criticism. In the freshmen and sophomore years, the department focuses on promoting literacy in humanities, arts, and aesthetics. In the junior and senior years, the students learn how to master different media techniques and express their creative ideas skillfully.

To achieve our goal, we:
- Offer a degree of BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts).
- Provide quality education in both media production and media studies.
- Provide interdisciplinary courses in social sciences and creative arts.
- Encourage students to participate in film festivals, competitions, exhibitions, and performances. E.g. Students have the opportunity to produce and perform in their own theatrical show during their sophomore year. They are required to show their works in the graduate exhibition.
- Are engaged in international academic exchange programs.
- Provide public services to both government departments and NGOs.


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