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Feng Chia University

Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration in English, Department of International Business

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Above 90% taught in English

The B.I.B.A. program is the first all-English business program in Central Taiwan. The program aims to equip students with (1) international language and communication skills, (2) international perspectives, and (3) integrated professional knowledge. The program boasts the following eight distinctive features:

1. All core courses are delivered in English. The five major management courses include Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Information Management and International Business Management. There are additional international integrated advanced courses, such as International Marketing Management, International Financial Management, and International Economics.

2. The curriculum is an integration of programs of overseas business schools. The BIBA curriculum is designed with references to the course planning of overseas business schools to better accommodate the ever-changing modern society, serving the needs of the business world.

3. The teaching model is a diversified case study teaching method. A diversified case study teaching method, rather than the traditional teaching method, is adopted in the program. The five main management courses are integrated through case study analysis, along with classroom interaction to stimulate students’ abilities in problem observation and analysis.

4. A dual-degree program is an available option. To emphasize the importance and needs of internationalization, students are required to study abroad for one year to complete the bachelor’s degree program. Students are also given the opportunity to join the five-year bachelor/master’s dual-degree program held abroad. The program collaborates with several foreign universities to enhance the learning experiences and education quality, as well as promote the school’s exposure to the world.

5. University seniors have opportunities to continue their education abroad. Our school is a member of the Study Abroad Foundation and is able to provide university seniors with opportunities to study abroad. Feng Chia University has established collaborative international partnerships with sister schools in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

6. Study abroad credits are recognized as valid transfer credits. Credits received from overseas study can be transferred toward degree completion.

7. Study-abroad counseling is available. We offer elective English proficiency courses to assist students with their English proficiency examinations such as TOEFL or IELTS. From sophomore year, we provide 3 study-abroad counseling courses such as International Cultures Investigation to help students understand life abroad, culture and customs, so students could be ready to cope with culture shock they might encounter.

8. Financial aid is available specifically for overseas studies. The school offers scholarships for short-term overseas study and student exchange programs. Students also receive reduction in tuition fees of the collaborated schools.


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