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Asia University

Asia University

MS/PhD Program in Department of Biomedical Informatics

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Welcome to the Department of Bioinformatics at Asia University! As established in 2002, the Institute of Bioinformatics was the first academic unit in Taiwan to offer master program in bioinformatics. Next year, it became a department offering undergraduate program as well. After merging with and splitting from the department of biotechnology, the department of bioinformatics in Fall 2007 was the first and unique academic unit again that offers degrees at all levels from BS to PhD.

The department has a strong tough flexible curriculum. All the undergraduate students are required to take 42 credit hours of core courses, such as biostatistics, basic bioinformatics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics algorithm. In addition, the undergraduate curriculum provides two advance courses options:(i) the application oriented, and (ii) computation oriented course programs, to suit the student interests. Each program has 24 credit hours.


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