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Tamkang University

Tamkang University

Department of Inovative Information and Technology

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English

The department of Innovative Information and Technology (IIT) was established in August 2005. It provides undergraduate students with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in the fields of Information and Communication Management Technology and Software Engineering, among others. To help promote TKU’s goal of globalization, 90% of the department’s courses are taught in English and all students are required to study abroad in their junior year (third year).

Goals and Mission
The goal of this department is to pursue a program of excellence and high quality, through holistic and practical education. We hope to instill in our students professional attitudes and values, and equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the areas of software engineering and the management of innovative information technology.

Our curriculum centers on two major fields: Software Engineering and Network Communications. In particular, we place an emphasis on information system integration and engineering with a focus on communication/Internet based software applications. Curriculum is designed to align instruction with desired goals and program outcomes.

Faculty and Staff
Our department currently has three associate professors and six assistant professors, each of whom have obtained doctoral degrees.

We have three laboratories for Open system, ERP and Practice of projects, which are well equipped and qualified for teaching and research. Major equipment includes computers, an ERP server, and media and web servers.

Career Development
Students may take advanced examinations to acquire licenses in ERP, Linux, and Computer Network Management. Graduates can also work in private companies and develop their own businesses, or pursue careers in government agencies.

Graduate study options include: graduate programs in Computer Science, Information Management, Electronic Engineering, and Electric Engineering.


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