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I-Shou University

I-Shou University

Department of Entertainment Management (EM)

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Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

We emphasize the importance of creative thinking and systematic problem solving for success in managing an entainment-related business.
We emphasize the importance of experiential learning and mobility and therefore require each student to complete an overseas experience prior to graduation..This overseas experience can be either as an exchange student in foreign university or an intern in an international professional organization.
We concentrate on learning by doing and therefore offer a six-month practicum in the junior year .Over 90%of the EM students have chosen to practice what they have learned on campus in world-class companies in China ,Hong kong ,Malaysia,Singapore,Taiwan,and the US,to name a few of the major destinations.In addition,more than 50%of the EM students have received various Casino Dealer certificates.
Our graduates are employed by businesses and corporations in the area of film production, sports and leisure, hotel, airline, theme parks, recreation center, shopping center, etc. Support in career planning is available through the department in the form of a mentoring service and through the university in the form of aptitude tests and interview simulations.


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