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National Central University

National Central University

Earth System Science Ph.D. Program of TIGP (ESS)

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Above 90% taught in English

In 2002, Academia Sinica set up the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP), in order to attract young scholars from around the globe to its campus for advanced, inter-disciplinary studies. In cooperation with the top universities in Taiwan, TIGP will offer ten program options in 2011. All courses will be conducted in English and research grants are available for qualified students. TIGP is a unique and exciting intellectual community that will provide young scholars with tremendous opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Lists of Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) in NCU:
(1)Molecular Science and Technology, Department of Physics
(2)Earth System Science, College of Earth Sciences

Earth System Science is the science that focuses on understanding the interdependence and interconnections among the fundamental components of the Earth: the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, through the interactions among chemical, physical, biological and dynamical processes that extend over spatial scales from sub-micron to the size of the planets, and over time scales of less than a second to billions of years. The phenomena involved are frequently not only intellectually challenging but also socio-economically relevant and significant. At the Academia Sinica, the research interests of the investigators in this subject field are far ranging, including the evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere, the effect of human activities on regional climate, changes in the biogeochemistry of the ocean and global climate in response to the increase in atmospheric CO2, the effects of atmospheric processes on ocean biogeochemistry, changes in fluvial input to the oceans under climate change, the physical and chemical processes that govern the dynamical evolution of the solid Earth, the processes occurring within the lithosphere, especially those operating around subduction zones, within orogenic belts, and in the lower part of the continental crust, the mechanism and wave propagation of earthquakes, transport and fate of atmospheric pollutants, and the health risks of environmental contaminants. We welcome young inquisitive minds to join us in exploring these interesting phenomena in our Ph.D. program in the Earth System Science.


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