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National Chung Hsing University

Department of Agronomy

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Under 50% taught in English

1.To meet the demands of social and world agricultural trends, to improve agronomic technology, to develop modern agriculture, to well-utilize the natural resources, and to develop new crop varieties.

2. Application of modern technology to improve the quality and quantity of plants and their products for food, feed, fuel, and medicinal utilization.

3.Expand the agricultural functions to benefit health, environment, entertainment, and culture to become an integrated agricultural industry.

4.Educate undergraduate with basic agronomic knowledge and general agricultural skills for agricultural industry.

5.Educate graduate students to become well-knowledged, highly skilled, creative and with the potential to be advanced researchers.

Our education and research program demonstrate and provide opportunity to whom are interested in extending the application of agronomy in agricultural science and ecology to contribute the human life.


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